Listening to music at night, not watching TV, helps us sleep, study says

By mbrooks on October 9, 2019
FILE – A turntable spins in a record shop October 7, 2003 in London. Falling sales of CD’s and the imminent relaunch of online music swapshop ‘Napster’ have forced retailers to slash their prices. (Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

By Matthew Brooks

Albums are good for relaxation. Science says so and a recent of survey agrees.

In an August survey, more than two thousand adults said that listening to music helped them relax. In response, 82.9% said that music helped them relax. And 76.4% agreed with the statement that albums helped them feel better when they were feeling down.

About three-quarters of people in the survey said their favorite album was a source of comfort.

Sixty-four percent said their best-loved music to lift their moods.

Author and academic Dr Julia Jones says, “The album is a particularly effective intervention at night when we’re approaching bedtime. Sleep has been identified as an absolutely critical factor in well-being and listening to a low tempo relaxing album can help get us into ‘sleep mode’ and increase the likelihood of a solid eight hours of rest and recovery.

Dr. Jones says the physiological benefits of listening to music is essential for maintaining our well-being.

“For that reason alone we should all be switching off the TV and listening to an album before bed every night,” she adds.

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