Listening to music at night, not watching TV, helps us sleep, study says

By Matthew Brooks

Albums are good for relaxation. Science says so and a recent of survey agrees.

In an August survey, more than two thousand adults said that listening to music helped them relax. In response, 82.9% said that music helped them relax. And 76.4% agreed with the statement that albums helped them feel better when they were feeling down.

About three-quarters of people in the survey said their favorite album was a source of comfort.

Sixty-four percent said their best-loved music to lift their moods.

Author and academic Dr Julia Jones says, “The album is a particularly effective intervention at night when we’re approaching bedtime. Sleep has been identified as an absolutely critical factor in well-being and listening to a low tempo relaxing album can help get us into ‘sleep mode’ and increase the likelihood of a solid eight hours of rest and recovery.

Dr. Jones says the physiological benefits of listening to music is essential for maintaining our well-being.

“For that reason alone we should all be switching off the TV and listening to an album before bed every night,” she adds.

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