There are 398 new emojis emerge on the iPhone

By Saige Miller on October 29, 2019

By: Saige Miller

Your emoji game is about to get much stronger (and maybe a little overwhelming)! The most recent iPhone update includes 398 new emojis to your keyboard.

iOS 13.2 released on Tuesday created a generation of detailed and inclusive icons! The emojis feature prosthetic limbs, multiple skin tones, and a plethora of different activities. Need to tell someone you’re doing yoga? There’s an emoji for that! Need the husband to pick up more juice boxes? iOS has you covered!

Y’all, there’s finally a yawning emoji! A true mood.

The assortment of hand signals will absolutely come in handy!

There’s even an emoji showing someone is deaf and/or knows sign language! It’s amazing to see the display of all abilities, races, and individualities.



The updated list of items has everything under the sun, almost. There’s still no search bar to find the perfect image quickly. Sometimes you can’t find the right emoji for the moment. You have over 398 to pick from after all. perhaps they could make it a little more convenient.

Nonetheless, the new and improved emojis are sure to fit any occasion, mood, or desire.

Happy sifting!

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