Meet The New Bachelor: Peter Weber

By mporter on January 12, 2020
Peter Weber the new bachelor; Photo Credit ABC

By: Madeleine Porter

The Bachelor banner; Photo Credit ABC

Peter “The Pilot” Weber caught the attention of The Bachelor on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. After confessing his love to her on a magical night spent in a windmill house, Brown decided the relationship wasn’t right and sent him packing. 

America was left almost as heartbroken as he was to see him leave the season. So Chris Harrison, the host of The Bachelorette/Bachelor, offered him the position of a lifetime. Now the new bachelor on season 24, Peter has some tough choices to make in his new search for love. 

Peter Weber on The Bachelorette season 15; Photo Credit Ed Herrera/ ABC

Weber,28, is a native to Westlake Village, California, growing up just minutes from The Bachelor mansion; it was always meant to be that he be a part of The Bachelor family. Peter grew up watching a strong example of what he wanted out of marriage by his loving parents.

The two met while working for the same flight over 30 years ago and his parents have shown what lasting love looks like. Following their footsteps, Peter developed a love for aviation and landed his dream job working as a captain for the major commercial airline Delta. 

When Weber isn’t flying, he is embracing his mother’s Cuban culture or letting loose on the dance floor. This hopeless romantic is eager to find his co-pilot for life and join him for a journey full of love, laughter, dancing, and adventure. Watch Peter’s voyage for love on ABC on Monday nights at 9:00 pm Mountain Time!

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