3 Film Careers You Can Work In. How a Local Utah High School Can Help Prepare You to Work in the Film Industry

Which film careers do you think you might be good for? A local Utah high school prepares students to work in major film careers. Here are three examples.

By Eric Openshaw on September 11, 2020

Image result for east hollywood highThis article about film careers is sponsored by East Hollywood High School. Learn how you can be involved in the film community as part of the high school curriculum. 

Have you ever wanted to work in the film industry? Maybe you don’t even know where to start? Filmmaking is not an easy job. In fact, it’s not even just one job. But how do you get involved when you don’t have any education. Well, a local High School right here in Utah is actually training students to be filmmakers as part of its curriculum.

If this sounds awesome to you, here are 3 different career fields in the film industry that East Hollywood High can give the experience you need to get into these roles later in life

1. Director

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Probably the best-known position in the film industry. But what does a director do? The director works directly with the producer (who we’ll talk about in just a bit) to make sure the actors are portraying the characters and the emotion behind them in a believable and relatable way. They do this by, you guessed it, directing the actors where to go, what to do, how to stand, how to move, and much much more.

2. Producer

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A producer actually oversees 2 main roles in the entire process of making a film. First, they oversee the entire vision of the project. They find the story, then make it into something that will be able to translate to film. Plus, they own the intellectual rights to the film. That means it’s the producer’s property. Now, because they have ownership over the film, they are also the money funneling person. The producer is the person who finances the film hoping to get a return on their investment.

3. Camera Operator

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This film career is pretty self-explanatory. This person runs the camera. However, there’s so much that goes into just running a camera. Anything from the type of framing required to make the shot look good, all the way to lighting techniques, and how those can make or break a scene. A camera operator has to also be familiar with a wide array of different cameras as well as different formats. While many movies these days have gone digital sometimes real film is still used. A camera operator needs to be able to quickly adapt to whatever format is being used.

What Film Careers Can You Do?

Do you think filmmaking is right for you? East Hollywood High School is a high school experience for someone who knows what they want: to work in the film industry. The school functions just as any other high school would, it just includes film as part of the curriculum. So, what are you waiting for? Start on your path to any of the film careers that are out there at East Hollywood High School.

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