Better Students for A Better Utah

Opportunity for families to enroll their preschoolers in the program and why they should, i.e. the successful learning outcomes that it has had in Utah over the past six years and/or the individual family stories.

UPSTART Success story 1
UPSTART Success story 2
UPSTART Success story 3

· UPSTART is a free, at home program to get all preschool-aged children ready for kindergarten.
· UPSTART teaches reading and literacy, as well as math and science. It only takes 15 minutes a day.
· UPSTART is fun–books and songs and games! Kids can use it on their own and they love it.
· UPSTART is open to everyone Utah as part of an effort to bring equity to education and give all children a chance to succeed in school.
· UPSTART is funded by Utah Legislature.
· Families receive use of a free computer and free Internet during the program if they do not have access to these resources at home.
· Enrollment is open now. The new session will begin in early fall. Spots are filling up fast.
· Many parents are amazed at how fast their children learn to read on UPSTART. It really works!
· The program is adaptive, so it allows all children to progress through the lessons at their own pace.
· Independent evaluations show children who participate in UPSTART have two to three times higher academic growth rates than children who are not on UPSTART.
· UPSTART works for many families and is ideal for 1) Rural areas where there is a lack of preschool programs or transportation; 2) Families intending not to send children to traditional preschool; 3) Parents who are not sure how to prepare their children for school; 4) Non-native speaking children; 5) Children that need extra help.
· 25% of preschoolers in Utah will be using UPSTART next year.
· UPSTART was developed by Waterford Institute, a local nonprofit research center that develops early learning software.
· Waterford’s software is used in nearly every state and 15 countries globally.
· Waterford’s mission is to help every child succeed in school and develop a love for learning. The UPSTART program in Utah is fulfilling that mission.