Disney offers sneak peak into major song of Frozen II

By Matthew Brooks

There is more to see from Frozen II in the days since the first trailer hit the internet.

Disney’s official website is offering a video from Frozen II featuring a portion of a song.

The song, “Into the Unknown” explores the continuing inner turmoil of the Queen of Arendelle.

From a different source comes an additional sneak peak into the song, the plot of the movie, and more lyrics.

This is from a Frozen II trailer that is being offered to Japanese audiences.


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Frozen II will reportedly contain three major songs, with three other lesser songs.

The first Frozen movie was driven by the showstopper “Let It Go,” also sung by Elsa.

“Into the Unknown” may be the showstopper of Frozen II.

The big question is: Will this song be sung endlessly by children around the world like they sung “Let It Go?”

Frozen 2 hits the theaters Nov 22.

The soundtrack for the movie will be available on Nov. 15.

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